The top two photos were taken today in Cairo, Egypt, where (as of tonight’s counting) twenty-two churches, several schools, and “many” Christian-owned businesses were entered, desecrated, looted, and either demolished or severely damaged by savage Muslim mobs supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. The victims’ “crime” was that they are the “wrong” faith according to the denizens of the Islamic philosophy that envisions world “perfection” under Islam’s shariah tenets.

The below photos are taken from 1938 Germany, when on the night of November 10 savage mobs attacked, desecrated, and demolished 500 German synagogues, Jewish owned shops were looted, and 20,000 men were arrested and sent to concentration camaps. Their crime? They were of the “wrong” religion and ethnicity and their existence was not to be tolerated by the “new” Germany as envisioned by the Nazis.

The world reacted with silence in 1938, and we all know what happened next: Germany’s Nazi government forced the world into a huge conflagration that became known as World War Two, and during the course of that conflict 12,000,000 innocent people were murdered in what has become known as the Holocaust.

Today, we have in the USA a government that tacitly supports the Muslim Brotherhood, that enforces a non-existant foreign policy that is bringing disaster to parts of the world, and which is lead by cowards who shall not be named.

FUCKING wake up, people! FUCKING make your voices heard loudly and clearly that we can not afford to allow these abominations to continue!

"When the dog’s tail is pulled in Damascus, it barks in Beirut."

Think about it!


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